What is Connecting With People?

Connecting With People is our groundbreaking program that gives individuals, teams, and organizations the tools and training needed to discover the strengths of different communication patterns and how to leverage that information to make business impact.

Watch the video below to learn more about Connecting With People and how understanding communication patterns and applying temporary modifications to the way you interact with someone can increase connection, impact, mitigate conflict, and improve team performance.

 About the Connecting With People Trial

Participants the Connecting With People virtual, on-demand program see the following outcomes:

  • Achieve personal breakthroughs and greater self-awareness as you gain insight into your personal communication pattern's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discover how you and others communicate, use time, make decisions, and manage conflict.
  • Learn methods for temporarily modifying personal behaviors to connect more effectively and strategically with team members, customers, and others.

About Team Connect™

Would you like to add value to your 14-day free trial by including additional team members at a special, introductory rate? By selecting "Yes," you may qualify for a free moderated Team Connect™ huddle!

  • Master communication between team members to increase productivity, engagement, and effectiveness.
  • Maximize team member skills and talents for a more effective and profitable team.
  • Enhance performance management discussions to continually elevate team capabilities.
  • Better engaged individuals and teams for a more productive, positive, and successful organization.

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Please note this free trial is intended for evaluation purposes by teams and organizations and is not intended for personal or individual use. Leadership Choice reserves the right to withdraw free trial access at any time if it feels the trial is not being used in this way.